A tiny key can open the door to great opportunities, and an elegant way to do this is with a premium MAYBACH leather keyrings.
The Fleur I
Keychain with leather tassel
Available colors:
Looking lovely and feeling irresistible to the touch, the elegant keyring THE FLEUR I is a highlight in every handbag or purse. The embossed leather tag shows off the charming Fleur-de-MAYBACH pattern. The timeless floral design is perfectly complemented by a leather tassel and the palladium-plated keyring mechanism has a discreetly engraved logo. The exclusive MAYBACH keyring is intricately handcrafted in Germany. Colour combination: Front: Leather visionblue, Back: Leather atlanticblue, Tassle: Leather atlanticblue

The Key Moment I
Genuine automobile leather keychain
Available colors:
THE KEY MOMENT I ensures a literal key moment when the ring with its securely held key is picked up. The genuine MAYBACH automobile leather used for the keyring feels fantastic and displays a subtle MAYBACH logo as an appealing detail. The keyring mechanism, plated in elegant palladium, is decorated with a delicate MAYBACH diamond pattern which is reminiscent of the original stitching pattern of the car seats. The exclusive MAYBACH keyring is intricately handcrafted in Germany. A must-have item for every MAYBACH enthusiast.

The Key Point I
Calfskin keychain
Available colors:
Being surrounded by luxury is a wonderful feeling. MAYBACH connoisseurs can enjoy this every day, for example in the shape of this beautiful keyring. The attractive leather element, made from superior calfskin with original MAYBACH diamond-pattern embossing, highlights fine handcrafting skill. The pattern is based on genuine MAYBACH car seat stitching and is an elegant eye-catcher. This keyring is a robust yet sophisticated companion for a lady or a gentleman. The exclusive MAYBACH keyring is intricately handcrafted in Germany.

The Release I
Maybach car leather keyring
Available colors:
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For many people the MAYBACH brand symbolizes a passion which is a companion to the heart and in the hand. MAYBACH - ICONS OF LUXURY has made a statement for the brand's true enthusiasts with its elegant keyring. The leather and metal combination will appeal to both ladies and gentlemen.

The Sterling Keychain I
Keychain - 925 Sterling silver
Beautiful MAYBACH silver key ring - made by the German specialists Robbe & Berking