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Product number: MMSGirth5_80
Saddle girth ergonomic cut, extremley softly padded, option D-rings
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Material: Leather
Size: 80
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Cutting Saddle
Beautiful individually tailored Cutting-saddle with numerous options for individualization. Light Wood-carbon saddle tree on the basis of Equiscan measurement data of your horse. The price above refers to a fully configured saddle - the base price of the saddle (without extras) is 6.220 Euro . The model shown above includes the following variable options - individual choice of leather colors, leather hallmarking, cushioned seats, backjockey, cheyenneroll, backrigging and original buffalo horn conchas. The individual choice of extras is based on your individual choice. Our saddlery consultants will be available for you after the first contact - or Tel.: +49 2656 9526246.

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Wool Rug (Merinowool/Dralon)
The MAYBACH Cooler Rug offers excellent functionality and quality and is both stylish and elegant. The fabric mix of the rug is 50% pure natural wool and 50% special Dralon fibres. This mixture, along with the simultaneous use of two different types of linking when knitting allows a capillary system to be created within the structure of the rug. This system efficiently transports moisture to the surface, where there is optimal evaporation thanks to the structure of the knitted material. The inner surface of the rug remains dry and the rug change which is normally necessary can be dispensed with. The material and cut of the rug promise the most exact fit possible. Moreover, the rug offers particularly good non-slip properties thanks to its own weight and its ergonomic shape, combined with a special system of fastenings which is easy to use and no longer requires straps under the stomach. The robust, shock-absorbing material provides protection for the horse in the stable and on the road. The cooler rug is made in Germany.

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