The Peak I

Fountain pen (M) - Lustrous Midnight Black - Platinum


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Product number: MMAPK1LPFMblaPla
This exclusive MAYBACH fountain pen with 18 karat solid gold nib (fine nib M) will delight all fine writing enthusiasts. The fountain pen is created from the finest materials with the aid of meticulous German craftsmanship. A true icon of luxury in the field of premium writing implements, THE PEAK I Fountain Pen is distinguished by its unique design: The head of the pen is milled as a single piece from a solid block and proudly displays the famous MAYBACH Double-M logo on a genuine european precious wood base. The fine contours of the pinstripe engraving present the “Flowing Lines“ design inspired by the interior of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class automobiles. The barrel and cap of this exquisite MAYBACH fountain pen are made from solid 925 sterling silver. Protected by 15 layers of black and transparent lacquer, the sterling silver can be glimpsed through the elegant contours of the “Flowing Lines“ engraving. The natural grain of the ebony wood in the pen’s head- and end-pieces, as well as the individual serial number engraving, make each handcrafted MAYBACH fountain pen a unique masterpiece, and a must-have fine writing implement for the true connoisseur.
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Color: black
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: M
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