Skilled hands complete countless time-consuming handcrafting processes to create unique and incomparable pieces in the classically elegant MAYBACH design.

Only exclusive materials from the best - and sustainable - sources are considered, carefully selected and painstakingly worked. Our expert craftspeople compose their works of art from the best leathers, finest woods, genuine natural horn, and even pure gold and dazzling diamonds. Their finely-honed skills are complemented by their passion for perfection and love of creating irresistible pieces.

Experience, knowledge and skills
We use competence gained over the course of many years to make products whose perfection lies in innumerable details. Each masterpiece speaks of handcrafting art and luxury of the purest.

Luxury and

"Sustainable Luxury": At MAYBACH – Icons of Luxury we place great emphasis on sustainability and are careful to use materials which have a proven and sound ecological source. In addition, we believe that it is also a luxury to be able to take the time to create beautiful pieces by hand in today’s fast-moving world.