The challenging criteria for a saddler include love of horses and of detail, knowledge of equestrianism, a sure touch and a skilled hand for working exclusive materials. Each step and each impulse increase the visible and palpable quality of these precious one-off pieces.

Saddlery is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Both traditional techniques and modern processes are used to create the perfect MAYBACH Saddle.

In the selection and working of the premium leather MAYBACH demonstrates an art form: every exceptional characteristic of the material is displayed to maximum advantage.

Varnished carbon does not only protect the saddle tree – its appearance fits admirably into the elegant visual concept of these superior pieces.

The use of fine wood elements offers further possibilities for luxurious customized details.

Using these detailed digital data, which exactly fulfil the anatomical demands of the horse, the saddle tree can be individually crafted.