The intensive contact with the horse, the ergonomically appealing knee rolls, an extremely comfortable seat and the exactly customized fit for the horse provide the perfect basis for precise action.

Optically the MAYBACH jump saddle speaks a dynamic language. The carbon insets not only provide extra stability technically, visually they are also an additional highlight for an image shaped by aesthetic aspects.

MAYBACH Saddlery | Jumping

MAYBACH Saddlery
This jumping saddle shows the equestrian world a genuine quantum leap in technology, grace and individuality. The anatomically optimal custom-made saddle impresses with an incomparably light weight combined with the highest stability. It means the rider is provided with the most minimal padding, a large underside surface and ideal distribution of pressure, ensuring sensitive contact with the horse.

The dynamic shape of THE QUANTUM LEAP I ensures optimal performance and movement.

This innovative saddle concept combines high-tech and the fi nest materials with an exceptionally elegant and dynamic appearance.

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