MAYBACH Saddlery

MAYBACH Saddlery

„Every horse, with its individual character and build, deserves to be held in high esteem.“

MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY has followed this maxim with their concept for a new saddle dynasty.

The jumping saddle THE QUANTUM LEAP I and the dressage saddle THE RADIANCE I stands out thanks to technical innovations, selected materials and elegant design.

Your individual aims – anatomical and aesthetical demands – form the foundation for a saddle which is optimally matched to you and your horse. A handmade masterpiece, each saddle tells of handcrafting and luxury of the finest.

MAYBACH Saddlery

Individual measuring and workmanship

The “tailor-made“ saddle for your horse.

In order to ensure the optimal fit of the saddle for your horse from the very beginning, we offer an exact measuring service for the fit of the saddle, encompassing all the necessary parameters.

With the aid of a professional measuring device, an image of your horse's back is created. The three-dimensionally presented result is digitalised and used as the basis for making a saddle tree which is individually formed to fit the horse's back.

MAYBACH Saddlery

A patended process for lightness and performance

A MAYBACH saddle is unique in its quality and appearance, as well as in its oustandingly light weight. A carbon layer stabilises the extremely slim wooden saddle tree – a patented process for exceptional lightness with the greatest stability.

On selected areas of the saddle the carbon, with its technical, attractive look, is visible – an optical highlight which underlines the successful synthesis of expert, traditional craftsmanship and high-tech materials.

MAYBACH Saddlery

The power of individuality

The values essential to MAYBACH and their product development are largely based on the power of individuality. In addition to the especially made fit, each MAYBACH saddle can be created according to personal wishes regarding the combination of colours. A repertoire of select leather shades, chosen to complement each other, is available. Each decision and every detail takes you closer to your dream saddle.

Our range includes standard sizes, fittings and colourways, however, we strongly recommend using the measuring service and making an individual colour selection in order to take advantage of all the possibilities available.

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