Hand-selected pieces of leather are carefully examined, cut, fitted, embossed and sewed.

In this way elegant articles are created from the finest leather. Aesthetic, with cleverly developed form and function.

Optical glass, cut, polished, refined by sandblasting, and varnished - by hand. Carefully examined at every step.

Created in this way, MAYBACH belt buckles are the perfect partner for the elegant leather belts in the MAYBACH Accessories collection – discreet, but with a unique, linear design.

Working with piano varnish is an age-old traditional form of handcrafting. This unbelievably time-consuming process highlights exclusive materials with a depth and brilliance otherwise only to be experienced in clear, smooth water surfaces. The haptic sensation of this surface is unusually sleek and appealing.

In a process encompassing up to seven layers, the first layer applied to exclusive woods is a high-quality colour coat, followed by several transparent varnish layers. After the application of each layer, the coating is sanded with finest, moistened sandpaper, before the next layer is applied.

All decorative elements which adorn the MAYBACH Accessories are created and fitted individually by hand.

Only the perception and working of each single piece allow such precise use of natural materials, whose characteristics vary and which are always unique creations.