A MAYBACH frame is made by hand in our own workshop in Germany. Each and every frame is pain-stakingly created and inspected using traditional frame-making techniques based on decades of experience, resulting in a perfect product.


The feeling of soft nappa leather on the skin is without comparison. This high-quality natural material develops an elegant patina over time, which makes accessories from this leather so unique.


Seven ultra-fine layers are bonded into a structure which is unique in its colours and qualities. Only the finest and most elegant woods are selected, in some cases combined with carbon fibres, and finally glow under 8 coats of piano varnish.


Obtained in harmony with nature and time-consumingly worked by hand, horn from the asian domestic water buffalo offers the wearer warm, skin-friendly comfort. The typical material and colour structures are unmistakable.


In order to ensure maximum protection for your eyes we have chosen top-quality Carl Zeiss lenses. These shield your eyes and sight with optical perfection.


Pure titanium with an exclusive surface finish in gold, palladium or ruthenium is skin-friendly, light, hard-wearing and elegant. Together with horn, wood or leather, a combination is created which links high-tech with nature.


Solid 18K (750) gold offers the pinnacle of luxury. As the most desired precious metal, gold has always been fascinating mankind as a symbol of consistency and wealthiness.


MAYBACH Eyewear can be customized with diamonds to create a truly one of a kind. Only diamonds with a clarity of VVS and a color of D/E/F are selected to create the optimum brilliance.