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MAYBACH Driver's Choice

These exquisite lamb nappa accessories from the Driver’s Choice Collection allow style and good taste to be shown at any time and on every occasion.

The wallet THE MAGNITUDE I fascinates the beholder instantly with its smart design and appealing appearance.

For many people the MAYBACH brand symbolizes a passion which is a companion to the heart and in the hand. With this elegant key ring a statement has been made for the brand‘s true enthusiasts.

Cufflinks are a classic statement of elegance, and just as essential for a fl awless appearance is a matching belt. MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY offers attractive choices which are colour-coordinated with the automobile.

MAYBACH Driver's Choice

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It is most pleasant to be surrounded by items which radiate charm, and harmony of form and colour is one of the most important attributes. In this sense the MAYBACH accessories in wonderful soft pure new wool from Germany and Switzerland have been created.